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From what we've seen, the difference in 16 man and 8 man is huge. 8 man hard is roughly equal to 16 man normal. And 16 nightmare looks to be pretty serious. I think that we should wait at least until someone is 6/6 Nightmare mode on 16 man before complaining. Guess we should let Condemned complain once they clear 16. More logically though, you would wait until YOU are 6/6 Nightmare mode on 16 man AND in full Rakata before complaining.

As far as WoW goes, there were no raids at launch, so why we're looking at BioWare's first raid 3 weeks in like the specific raid or the entire system should be as smooth as something 7 years old is beyond me.

And finally, there are 4 new bosses coming to Karagga's, you could hop on the PTR and check those out if you were worried.

I think Yoda said something about patience somewhere, and most likely it applies to this situation.

EDIT: Fixed a sentence structure issue, my mind got ahead of my fingers.
The trash is the only thing that is harder on 16 man. The bosses themselves are no more challenging. Pylon boss may be more challenging, but P2 + P3 SOA mechanics favor 16 man. Additionally, there is no incentive to ever do 16 man. Why bother getting 16 of us together instead of splitting into 2 8 man's and getting the exact same loot?

To the OP: Also using "2 pieces of loot in 40 man's in WoW" is a pretty stupid argument, seeing as how 10 man raids dropped 3 pieces in the later stages of WoW. Do you gear extremely quickly in this game? Sure. There are still a minimal amount of people walking around in full Rakata.

WoW was famous for becoming a welfare epic game. I don't see why this is an issue in SWTOR.