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From what we've seen, the difference in 16 man and 8 man is huge. 8 man hard is roughly equal to 16 man normal. And 16 nightmare looks to be pretty serious. I think that we should wait at least until someone is 6/6 Nightmare mode on 16 man before complaining. Guess we should let Condemned complain once they clear 16. More logically though, you would wait until YOU are 6/6 Nightmare mode on 16 man AND in full Rakata before complaining.

As far as WoW goes, there were no raids at launch, so why we're looking at BioWare's first raid 3 weeks in like the specific raid or the entire system should be as smooth as something 7 years old is beyond me.

And finally, there are 4 new bosses coming to Karagga's, you could hop on the PTR and check those out if you were worried.

I think Yoda said something about patience somewhere, and most likely it applies to this situation.

EDIT: Fixed a sentence structure issue, my mind got ahead of my fingers.
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