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Can we agree this stuff is all to easy now?

This game is throwing epics left right and center, there is no feeling of accomplishment anywhere. With commendations, and no dropped loot to look forward to, the system has to be changed. Cmon bioware, commendation vendors cannot be the be all, end all for progression.

What happened to the days where you would do a raid to get the sets that ONLY DROPPED IN THAT RAID? Commendation gear should be an after thought, i look at the costs of commendation gear, you need what, 50 to 70 commendations for one item, but we literally got the entire bounty hunter and warrior columni set twice in one run. Which is not fine.

Im trying to take my time here but bioware is making it really hard. Ive done Every quest on my warrior once, even the repeatable ones. Did all the bonus series even though my friends told me it was a waste of time, i didnt space bar a single conversation, hit 50 in about a week. Fine, leveling curve is simplified, end game farm is where its at.

Flash forward to my first EV run where i leave the place by replacing every piece of tionese i had with columni. except my boots.

Is bioware afraid to put challenging content in the game? I said before things were to easy and had a bunch of people insult me for being an elitist, but everyone is walking around in full tier 2 these days, hell i sat afk in illum and got 4 champion pieces after doing the dailies.

Ive never played a game where everything is based on welfare epics, end game needs to be looked at, i decided im going to take every character to 50 once for the sake of story, and if nothing has changed by then, i might as well quit while im ahead. Thats a lot of time, a generous 2 months subs just in an effort to hope ill have to farm something, ANYTHING. But in no sense of the word should any hardcore or casual raider be ok with getting 4 pieces of their raid gear in one run. Its just not right.
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