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The US player as you say can do it once in the afternoon and then once again in the morning, great right? Now, you might want to consider that the US player can't do this daily again that day, he can't do it again over the afternoon so he won't be able to do it this way every day.

For us European players it resets sometime in the middle of the day, this means that if you want to you could do the dailies twice in one day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, but again it can't be done several days in a row.

All in all, we're not getting screwed in any way...

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A lot of people have been turned off by the total lack of customer service and when they actually do get a GM to talk to them it's some automated responses machine or a guy that barely knows 100 words in english.

Couple that with the annoying maintenance and reset times that totally take the piss for any european player and the ton of bugs and now you know why the EU realms have been going down in load and there's pretty much no servers with queues anymore.
I don't know, I've had tickets (mostly bug reports) worked trough at a pretty good speed and I have been contacted trough chat, no problems there either. Only problem with CS I've had is for one ticket where I was asked to provide information such as character class and server, information that is hardly related to a bug in how the quest tracker displays (get a lot of quests, more than it fits and the enable the right quickslot bar and you'll see).

I have to agree about the maintenance times though, I do not like them at all. Although I do kind of understand their reasons.
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