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01.07.2012 , 04:18 AM | #17
Colicoid is awesome, and if you pull your head from betwixt your loins you might actually figure out how to use the cannons. It's so simple a Geico customer could do it. Seriously. Aim. It fires for you. Move your mouse so you shoot the ranged bugs. Then kill the slow mele bugs. When the big guys come out, make sure they die, but still make sure the ranged bugs die.

Soooo hard.

I've done this FP 8-10 times now across two characters and haven't seen my turret "bug out" even once. Every group I run with, there's some Einstein that can't grasp the simple concept that fast aiming + NOT PRESSING ANYTHING = success.

Second phase of Colicoid is AWESOME.

Third phase is a standard boss. Free loot for all!