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In my opinion the idea for Heroic Area was to provide a nice learning curve for Flashpoints. So you could complete them in any setup, while making mistakes, and just enjoy questing with others.

Mega fail.

I just done Bonus Series on Tatooine, two of Heroic 4 area quests are only accessible to those who at least completed the main portion of Tatooine. Why, when all the previous ones could be shared with no problem?
On my server (Standard population) Tatooine has 50 people at peak time, yesterday a group of two guys spend 1-2 hours looking for a group to do these two Heroic areas. Is that how it should be Bioware?

Also, Heroic Areas are way too hard for their place in PvE progression curve. I played WoW for 5 years, so I know which buttons to push. Yes, I CC mobs as much as possible. However, what's the point? A large number of people play SWTOR because of Star Wars magic, not because they are hardcore MMo players.

Guess what? People break CC.

Now in Heroic 2+ this is not a problem. However, Heroic 4 has 3-4 elite pulls. It is simply hard for me as a healer to keep up during the initial spike. Can I keep up? Yes. Are people dying? No. The point is the area is way too hard given rewards/PvE curve.

I don't really give a crap about loot, the quest rewards are fine. But don't make me slog through 20 minutes of mobs to hear one dialogue.

The only good thing about people failing during these heroic quests is they are in it for Star Wars feeling, fortunately I didn't encounter "L2P Noob" yet, but my guess is it's only a matter of time.