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I decided to raid Korriban for Codex entries today on my Bounty Hunter. Here's what I couldn't find on the planet. Most of them are quest rewards which makes them inaccessible to BH and IA. Any confirm/deny from BH or IA would be helpful on these codex entries.

-Sith Academy (seems generally accepted that it's bugged)

-Tomb Raiders (quest reward for Imperial Edict)

-Sith Pureblood (quest reward for Purity)
-Abyssin (quest reward for Creeping Hunger)
-Dashade (confirmed; class quest for SI Martial Law)

-Shyrack (kill Shyrack Mauler or Shyrack Screecher, both in class quest areas)

-The Red Engine (inside quest area for The Hate Machine)
-Sith Weapons (class quest for SI A Map for the Future and SW The Final Trial)

A few of these might be obtainable if you party with someone who is on that particular quest. Bugs me that you'd have to find some lowbies or have a lowbie friend to get some of these though. I also got tired of searching for the Shyrack so I may have missed some of those outside the areas. 16/24 makes me a sad panda.
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