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01.07.2012 , 02:27 AM | #7
Yeah I know how lightning works, trust me there were still a couple bugs in there for us. Bugs aren't guaranteed to happen 100% of the time, just cause you haven't experienced them doesn't mean they're not there. And that's not even the main point of the topic, its suppose to be how ridiculous some of these RNGs are. And weird. Have you noticed most level 50 snipers (or agents in general I guess) have the pvp weapon yet a lot of saber classes dont? Whats up with that. Hell I've gotten two of the main hand weapon tokens of the 4 I've gotten from those bags (and none of my companions can use it so its a useless token right now). Something is just up with the RNGs in some areas. And its annoying for hard modes that so often, when theoretically there's a 75% change of gear for a class actually playing to drop, somehow its always the 25% where it drops for a class not playing that actually happens.