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So my question is, is our dps just too low? Our best attempt was kill Massey > Grenade guy (forgot his name) and the medic last, getting the medic to about 75% HP before he enraged and 1 shot me through defensive cooldowns and almost fully epic gear (mostly made up of battlemaster pvp pieces tbf).
Couple friends and I have been hard pressed to get this particular FP right and we finally did after long extended break of three days.

It can essentially be any number of things as well as combinations. If you lack the DPS, that seems the most crucial. Odds are Jorland or Massey/Medic will enrage and you'll be finished. Interrupts are also very important since every heal the Medic fires off makes that much more HP you have to whack down.

Then when we spawned at the medical droid the dungeon said "Complete" and we werent able to enter to give it another try, (bug) but of course, we had no loot.
The general problem right now, which apparently the next patch they're changing, is that to die by this encounter ( as in team wipe ) you lose loot privileges. Which means all you get is that token for completion.

There's a major bug that if you kill Jorland and die to the medic - you complete it which of course treats you as if you completed the FP - since the dialog that follows after beating this encounter does the same. Not sure if they'll be fixing this anytime soon but it's likely that could still be an existing bug for sometime.

Anyone who's managed to do this care to shed some light on it?
Well, like I said I've been struggling to get this FP completed properly - the legit way. After a lot of struggling we finally got it right.

As MT I basically kept Jorland and the Medic busy while teammates killed Massey. Occasionally tossing an interrupt on the medic so he couldn't heal Massey. Teammates sit back far enough to avoid Jorland's annoying rocket pound. If your healer is any good, this shouldn't be too difficult. Once Massey goes down, everyone just focuses on the Medic and interrupts as much as you can.

We've gotten to the point where Jorland will be 30% from death and enrage. Where as before he'd be at 75%. Enrage isn't that big of a deal unless everybody is getting caught in the blast radius which draws unnecessary energy from the healer. This can cost you the encounter in worst-case scenarios. In truth Jorland's Enrage is actually fairly weak. He doesn't spam you too much with other attacks.

So as MT I'd basically trigger an Absorb and Alacrity Relic, along with Saber Ward, to survive as best I can while we burn him.

It's difficult but with the right gear and the know how, you'll burn em down.