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There's def some bugs in it man other than that, a couple times people just died instantly even without the force lightning **** even after we figured it out on the 1st or 2nd attempt. Once when we should've won it just killed everyone alive instantly at the same time and had him reset instead of going into the speech about needing to rest and ending the fight.

As for the gear maybe you just have better luck, but my own personal experience from the hard modes after a decent few of them is that they just never drop gear for the 3 classes participating. I understand its an RNG but this **** luck just makes me annoyed they cant at least do a simple flag check and have bosses only RNG gear for the classes in the party doing it.

Sorry, people don't fall over to anything other than force lightning. When I say it insta-kills I mean INSTANTLY..a fraction of a second into his cast. It happens so fast that you probably don't even see his cast because the instant it kills someone he stops casting it and goes to the next person on the threat table and kills them.

Tell your DPS to slow down, or your tank to do more threat..because he casts force lightning on whoever has threat.

Trust me dude I've killed him every day for 3 weeks.

As for everyone falling over at once..that sounds like an enrage..I never hit it so I couldn't tell you about that.

Take the gear and gear out your companions or something. It also vendors well.

Trust me though, it's just bad luck. Like I said we've fully geared 4 different classes just from FP's.