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Quote: Originally Posted by Lunarhawk View Post
I've done a few hard modes now as a Sniper
BT 4 or 5 times
Incomplete Battle of Ilum (had to leave early myself)
and just now completed Foundry after we wiped 10~ times on revan due to the bugs

and you know what?

Not once in any of them has the final boss dropped a token for a class actually in the group. It's always the one class missing.

Like in Foundry just now HK dropped the offhand Aim pistol, and Revan dropped the Aim boots token. But we didn't have a BH. Same **** happens in BT

When I didn't complete Ilum, apparently after I left and they got a BH to replace me the final boss when they got to him dropped the Agent helmet... but no agent was in the group anymore.

It's like
why the **** does this happen? Was it so hard for them to program a set of flags in that would tick off which classes are actually in the instance and from then on, when it came to bosses at least, only loot for those classes dropped?

It's infuriating to spend time and (repair) money doing some of these HMs like Ilum and Foundry only have no one get anything usable from it. Every time.

i dont know
and ps foundry revan fight is bugged as hell gosh darn.
1. The only bug Revan has is sometimes he goes Immune at the end of the fight but doesn't start his RP, just continues to kill. He's just a hard fight and you need to interrupt his lightning casts immediately, they damn near 1 shot non tanks. We 1 or 2 shot him every time we go in. Just sounds like your DPS is lacking, your tank is under geared or your healer sucks..or all of the above.

2. RNG IS RNG BRO. I got full Columi(Except Chest) and every off piece for my Merc in a couple days. Same goes for the Operative healer, Powertech Tank and the Sith Assassin(we always go as a group) So saying that stuff doesn't drop for your class is just stupid. Just because I have only seen the BH chest drop once doesn't mean it never will again..

3. Don't die, learn the fights and get better and you won't have to pay for repairs.

Is this your first MMO?

Sry for the tough talk, but posts like this annoy me.