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Please explain how to circumvent this issue.

Error your connection to the server has been lost. If this problem persists, please visit to contact our Customer Service Team.

Error Code: 9000 More Info
Server error 9000 means that your connection to the game server has been lost.
Please try to log out of your account completely and then back in again.
If you continue to encounter this error after you have logged in again successfuly, please contact our Customer Service team by emailing

(please note successfully is spelled incorrectly in the screenshot transcribing word for word :P)

New computer. All drivers updated. Reboot. Ran the repair function on the launcher. This happens sporadically as I'm playing both in groups and solo. No tangible pattern to recreate the error. Happens in the middle of dialogs and also just running along the road. Happened in the middle of a warzone after passing the huttball and now it tells me I'm still in the warzone and can't leave/requeue. Error has happened to me 16 times so far today.

Please advise. I've not seen a thread for Error 9000 after searching it so here's one. Hopefully I'm not the only one with this issue.

Thank you for your time and your attention to this matter.
same thing is happening to me meanwhile my work macbook and xbox remained online and on my PC that i play swtor on i remain in mumble but it still disconnects me from the game.