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01.07.2012 , 01:14 AM | #15
If the intended solution to the fight is to use only three turrets, then there should be only three turrets.

Expecting that encounter design be intelligent and intuitive is not the same thing as wanting it to be face roll easy. Specifically designing an encounter to make people think they have to do something other than what the actual solution is is just jerking people around, and only compounds the frustration of Dumb Vehicle Fights, which people already tend to loathe since they ask you to throw aside everything you've learned about playing your character to that point.

I'm with the OP in that I want hard encounters that are actually hard, not ones that are simply difficult as a consequence of being poorly thought-out.

If you actually enjoy counter-intuitive game design, I suggest turning your keyboard over on its face, unplugging your mouse, and trying to play the game that way. That would take real skill to play, right?