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01.06.2012 , 10:34 PM | #11
Ah, that was quick, sorta like a godwin a troll statement about 'you're a casual'

Did I say the overall difficulty needed reduced? Nerf the mobs or buff the cannons? No. Neither thing was said so rather then throw personal insults just cut those things out of your post.

Instructions of some sort are certainly needed, and fire control to actually have some control besides spinning around.

A few times I'd aim at one of the ranged ones and it would get a shot at me before the cannon even began to fire, whereas if I actually HAD CONTROL of what I was doing, I could've preempted it and likely have killed the thing before it got more shots off.

The main issue I have is it is an initial event with no details given, then you're EXTREMELY limited in what you can actually do to manage the event in a meaningful way. If you follow the spirit of the event you're more likely to fail then if you abuse it to a degree with the healer and flipped cannon method.

More control and instruction would solve this. While it does diminish the difficulty of the event for some (those who actually know what control means) it would also make it more enjoyable and they could possibly even increase the mobs or somesuch to compensate and make intelligent target picking more important (or make them take an extra shot or two if you are controlling and know what you're in for to any degree)
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