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01.06.2012 , 09:27 PM | #6
I"ve done 2 groups, both kept wiping on turrets and eventually disbanded. Exactly what part of this is challenging and/or fun?

It's stupidly hard in ways that shouldn't be hard. If you're gonna add a vehicle, add a vehicle interface. Having issues exiting the vehicle prematurely doesn't make it clever or challenging.

Neither is an auto-fire that can't be depended on. I frequently enjoyed stutter firing when I kept my cannon perfectly still.

Also, if people are having such an easy time of it I'd love to know what lvls the group was comprised of because the power of the cannons seemed to me to scale with lvl and/or gear and the lowest lvls in the group always seemed to die first in the wipes I encountered.

It's not the encounter but the UI and process that makes this stupid hard (emphasis on stupid).