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If you don't have the schematic it is an easy target as you can RE the basic schematic until you get the Redoubt version. Then RE the Redoubt version until you get the Veracity. Then you just need to keep crafting the Veracity until I get a crit roll and add the Augment slot (assuming this is possible). Job done

NO NO NO....You can just as easly RE the blue version over and over till you get all versions of the Epic..You dont have to waste mats crafting the purple ones and RE them.

The other mechanic in Armormech crafting is the chance to roll a "crit" when creating an item. When you craft an item there is a small % chance of creating an Exceptional (Advanced) version of the item. What this does is add an additional mod slot to the item to allow the installation of Augments. Augmentable items have a (Exceptional) or (Advanced) tag added

This is partially incorrect

Green>> Exceptional
Blue>> Advanced

Blue receipts that you have learned from your trainer and RE to Tier 3 will have the Advanced Tag when critted

Tier 3 RE recipes you have learned will yield a Mastercraft Tag when critted

Artifact recipes from Hardmodes when critted will yield an Exceptional Tag

If you dont belive me make a toon on Lord Adraas server, pst Rosta on imp side and I can link you items. im not posting SS
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