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Here are your latest updates from SWTOR-RP:
  • We recently covered an in-game event on the Lard Adraas server. Here is our in-character report from the event: Grand Opening of the Yocola Tonka. If you want an event covered on one of the RP servers, hit my PM box at SWTOR-RP.
  • Sebaya talks about Gray Jedi in an edition of The Darker Side of Life.
  • Don't know what Datacrons are? They'll definitely be of help to you in-game. Check out our coverage here.

Check out our Month In Review for December 2011. Can you believe that we posted 70 articles in one month? That's just a little crazy.

Our most important update is that of our chat bubbles coverage. Roleplayers suffer significantly when RPing in large groups and in large scale events. The chat box is too hard to follow. We need chat bubbles as a matter of urgency. Check out Beltane's coverage on the lack of chat bubbles, and get amongst the talk. Post your thoughts in our comments section of the article!
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