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01.06.2012 , 07:31 PM | #335
I'm using a synthweaved tunic as well, but I know that end-game ops won't support my use of it soon. (A lot of end-game gear is two socket gear, as opposed to three. That's another solution, converting all epic gear to three sockets instead of two, but I doubt we'll see that happen.)

My problem with hooded robes is that they hide your face, thereby effectively eliminating all the time you spent during character creation. Using helms to prevent hoods does nothing to reemedy this problem, since once again you're hiding your character's face/details.

Have you ever noticed none of the Jedi Masters in the cutscenes or Class quests use hoods? There's a reason, it's called character identity. I'm all for having hoods, but as an option.

There's a reason we have a "helm on/off" toggle. It should apply to hoods. Period.