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wrong, the best solution is always to change the encounter, not the chars or when the encounter dont get these mechanic the changed char would get an unsurmonteable advantage (not counting pvp drama).
just remove most melee-range aoe from bosses, changing those skill to cleaves that force melee in the "right" position (so some boss would get a frontal cleave or a backward cleave and so on, if you known the mechanic you can position yourself in the "safe" zone and do full dps, if you dont you get full damage) but dont punish them to be at melee range and make sure that the aoe skills target only players over a certain range from the boss and act more often than melee range skills.
You are right, but I have said a couple of times in the thread, that the best solution would probably be more thoughtful encounter design. Just isnt in the 1st post.