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I enjoyed this flashpoint. It was something out of the box. The turrets were abit challenging but you can have a healer step off their turret and just heal the remaining 3 on the turrets.

There is no need to remove this instance if you don't enjoy it, there will be others that do.
Blizzard learned in WoW that players as a rule (not all, but many) don't enjoy forced vehicle style fights. Ex: Coliseum 5 man, they hard to nerf all of the teeth out before it was even remotely accepted. Much more success can be found through only having a small number of players in vehicles, that way people who like them can use them and others can do their traditional job. Ex: Gunship battle, only 20% of any given group had to be in a vehicle, and the goals were well displayed clear. 30 seconds of reading tooltips told you everything you needed to know. In CWG it took me a few tries to figure out that right clicking on anything would dismount you, and that in fact no buttons at all are necessary other than aiming. Additionally, the lack of control over actual firing was irksome.
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