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I know how you all feel. Last year i built my current rig for this game alone. $1400 was put into this system because I thought the game was going to be released last spring. I expected to be able to play the game on high 8xAA full shadows ect ect with no problems. At the moment, I have everything on high and maxed and my in card controls I maxed everything out as well. Not much changed after doing so. But even though this is the case and the game is not being dislplayed in HD on my brand NEW 24in LED 1080P 120hrz HD TV, I know in time BW will get this fixed and I will be able to then enjoy the game in full maxed Hi-res HD. So, I am willing to give BW time to fix the more important issues first. But like most of you, graphics are one of the most important aspects of a game to me. But still, I will give them time.

But there is a big difference between low settings and the highest this game currently allows.

I installed this game on my Laptop with is only a AMD Atholon (2x) 2.2 ghz cpu, 4gb ram, and some ATI 4450 intergrated GPU (that is pathetic). All settings are set to low with shadows ect turned off and I get about 7-18 FPS. When I compare my laptop to my desktop, the game is instantly night and day. The quality of textures and detail with in the game on my DT are amazing. When you see the game on a low end system, you come to appreciate what you have on a high end system.

My Desk top

AMD 1075T 6x 3.2 Ghz *(no OC), 8 GB of veng ram, 1tb HDD, PNY GTX 460 1gb GPU (just add a second 460 SLI yesterday) and Win 7 64bit (Ult). My rig is not even current by idursty standards but when I compare my laptop to my Desk Top, booom no comparison. My DT runs teh game on maxed ingame and in card settings around 50-72 FPS no matter where I am (warzones, flashpoints, fleet, on the ground, in space ect ect) its always stays between 50-72.

All I am trying to say, if you can veiw the game on med or semi/some what/slightly lower end highish settings, you are still 100x better than those who have to play it on low settings.