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The turret event at the beginning of the Colicoid War Games is simply not fun. Players are dropped into the turrets with no instructions, no warning, and even with a group that fully understands the deal, it's not easy. Following that, the traps and gate puzzles are just annoying, and the Hazard Droids bug out on their doors. My knowledge of what's after all this is sadly limited, as after our third wipe (two to turrets one to being knocked off the ledge by hazard bots) we collectively decided it just wasn't worth the trouble.

I personally think the instance is a failed experiment and should be replaced, but if that's not really an option then the turret event needs very clear instructions and to be made a touch more forgiving on new groups. The Hazard Bots need to lose the knockback and shields need to just go down and stay down when clicked.
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