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I don't know if the new Darth Plageus book is out yet, if this is even included, but here's my take on Anakin's father.

Plageus reads or studies or hears about "The prophecy".. The Chosen One bringing balance to The Force. By Palpatine's own admission to Anakin, Plageus was so powerful he could influence The Force (I REFUSE to say influence the "midichlorians") to create life.

Sometime prior to Shimi Skywalker arriving on Tatooine, she becomes pregnant.

Shimi has Anakin.

Fast forward to Episode 1 with Qui-Gon and Shimi....

Qui-Gon asks about Anakin's father. She says, "I can't explain what happened.I carried him, I gave birth to him, I raised him. There is no father. ."

I think Plageus found some unsuspecting woman (Shimi) and manipulated The Force (immaculate conception) and filled Palpatine in on the plan that unfolded in Episode III.