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Ill agree, i was in hoth a couple levels ago with 90 people there i could not find a group for the heroic missions. After about 1 hour of spamming general i found a healer and we 2 manned all of them (i am a tank, took forever but was easy).

I am enjoying the single player in this game more than the multiplayer aspect. I am a 7 year wow veteran and am giving this game a real shot (lvl 42 powertech so far) but it is hard to keep my interest right now. I will log on and just sit in the fleet messing around with the GTN (as much as i can with its inferior interface options) trying to motivate myself to go out and level.

This is only going to get worse as i want to roll alt characters, only way id be able to get through it is turning off the cutscenes.

I dunno, i really really really wanted to like this game but after my first act on my powertech everything went downhill. (This was at lvl 33 mind you).
I enjoy the heck out of the game and I don't mean to imply otherwise. The flashpoint I got to do (Hammer Station) was quite fun and I even enjoy the heroic missions when I can get a group. I didn't race to the end (in truth my main character is 49 at the moment but will hit 50 tonight) but I also didn't spread my play time over all my various alts. I sort of wanted to get one through his story then take my time with the others.

Maybe I'm just ahead of the leveling curve. It was a lot easier to get heroic groups before I got to Balmorra. But even if I did pull ahead of the curve a bit, the problem is only going to get better temporarily. Ultimately there won't be a curve at all. Most characters will be max levle and those who are not will be distributed through the lower levels. I fear finding heroic groups at that point will be eve harder than it is for me now.