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If anything, you should be looking at T5 encounters from TBC for comparisons, not Sunwell encounters.

Felmyst was not a complex encounter, it was an encounter tuned to horrendously punish minute mistakes. Slightly late mass dispell? a fifth of the raid is now oom. Character moves into the green laser in flight phase? At the very least he is dead, possibly the entire raid. Someone gets hit by the strafing run? They are now permanently mind controlled, if they're the tank it's a wipe, if they're a DPS they are fully capable of two shotting anyone who isn't a tank. Best case scenario, they are instantly killed.

Gruul is also about as complex Annihilation Droid. He had two mechanics and a soft enrage. Annihilation droid has ~2 real mechanics, a hard enrage timer, and a low health mini enrage.

Nothing in the first tier of raiding has any business being as tightly tuned as M'uru was. M'uru was also a joke of an encounter after it got nerfed because the only thing that made it complex was that it was tightly tuned. Lower the DPS requirements on an add fight and suddenly worrying about having the right number of DPS in the right places goes out the window.