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Having the same problem, but an LFG wont fix the problem. This is a single player game with a chat box. Get used to it.

I always have my LFG on, and am almost always spamming general for heroic groups, and all I am met with is "Heroic quests are skippable"

The simple fact of the matter is that heroic quests are worthless for the most part. It is far too easy to get pretty much epic quality gear by spamming the 1 key for a few hours at a time. Flashpoints also offer no real upgrades to the items you can get from commendation vendors.
A couple responses:

1. Don't spam general for flashpoints. Go to the fleet station...get a group in minutes.
2. Your server must suck - I sometimes wish I could turn OFF heroic quest group spam in general.
3. Heroic quests are not worthless. Plenty of them offer orange gear rewards that are either aesthetic or stat upgrade. At the least - repeat them as often as possible and strip the mods to use on other gear. It's like free commendations that take 10-15 minutes to get.