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Because finding a group is a P.I.T.A.

This is why LFG in some form needs to happen.

Also had no choice but to skip the Heroic missions on Balmorra, Hoth, Belsavis and Voss despite spamming General all day LFG and using the LFG flag on the social window.

I know it has been talked about a lot, but it is not a dead horse. It will not be a dead horse until BioWare realizes and admits it is wrong on this issue and adds some sort of LFG functionality beyond the social window flag.

LFG does not discourage socializing any more than not having one promotes it. What is added to the social aspect of the game by not having LFG? This:

"LFG Hoth heroics"
"LFG Hoth heroics"
"LFG Hoth heroics"
"LFG Hoth heroics"

Not exactly social, is it? What about once a group is formed? Any socializing that happens once a group is formed is up to the participants. The tool used to form the group has no impact at that point except to say that an LFG tool would make it more likely that you find a group in the first place and therefore more likely to have that chance to socialize.

Leave out the instant teleportation if you must. That part isn't necessary. If you leave out the cross-realm grouping capability, though, then players will often have a very long wait as we do now and that will diminish the overall effectiveness of the system.

BioWare, you are wrong on this issue. The sooner you admit that, the better off the game and its players will be.