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I want to thank EVERYBODY for the support we are all giving to this post. Many good opinions here. More than 50 pages in 1 day clearly shows one thing: as customers paying for a 50$ product and worth 15$ a month, we deserve an answer.


Ok, since this has become the "official" post for the High Resolution Textures issue, I'm going to update this post for newcomers with the information we have at the moment. So, here are the facts we know:

1- The game had high resolution textures during beta. But they disappeared before releasing the live client.

2- You are NOT playing in high settings, no matter what your preferences window says. At this moment, medium=high, and there is no high, so you are all playing viewing your char's textures in medium quality.

3- This was expected to be fixed in the PTS. However, at this moment the issue hasn't been fixed for 1.1. What is more, they deleted the "Medium" quality option, and now there are only two options. Low and High. And yes, you are right: High is just the new Medium, as you can see in this screenshot:

More info on this, by MaxWham:

Quote: Originally Posted by MaxWham View Post
Ok, I've made myself to download the whole Test Client, and that's what I've found:
Now there are only 2 options for "Texture Quality", "Shader Complexity" and "Character
Level of Detail":

This is how the game looks on Low:

And High:

So you see enviroment textures do change, but the character ones are always the same...
The options of "Low" and "High" only affect cutscenes, but unfortunately I can't make screenies during them...
4- Somehow, the high resolution textures are already in the game. But they are not being used while playing with your character. You can see em during dialog cutscenes. You can see them on your companions wardrobe preview window. And you can see them for 0,5 secs after clicking on your holo terminal in your ship. Here are some examples:




ToonPhil shared with us this one:

Another one from Adamant:


And yet another one:

One of the best high/med comparison photosets I've seen in this forum, by Rhykker:

Gif showing the difference between both:

and another gif:

And a video:

Also, I'm getting this from the user Lemon_King. I can't confirm it, so I'll just leave it here so we have as much information as possible (at least it is more information than what Bioware is giving us atm):

Quote: Originally Posted by Lemon_King View Post
FYI: Did some mining, in the Renderer where it handles Dynamic Models - There is code for once it has all the textures for a Player / NPC Dynamic model is resizes the texture by 50%. So forcing MipMap Bias to -1 won't work around this issue.
However, a crafty dll Mod for RemoteRenderer could get around this issue by setting the resize to 1:1 instead of 1:2."
It is important to note that after 90+ pages, Bioware still hasn't said anything about this.

I'm also quoting this very well written post:

Quote: Originally Posted by GTownsend View Post
Well, that thread on the PTS forum shows that they at least know about this one and are reading it. I have faith in Bioware to fix this issue, I'm sure they understand the damage to their credit by removing the medium texture setting and changing it to be called "high" and obviously the cat's out of the bag now. I think in general if they answer the following questions here, most of us will be satisfied -

1. Please clarify the "work around" requested in the first post of this thread, including a clarification of the sentence: If you installed prior to 5:00AM CST on January 4th, 2012, your graphics will display as "Low" even if actual in-game settings are higher due to automatic preference detection. and if reinstalling the game from origin, or any other source will remedy this issue.

2. Please explain the removal of the "medium" texture setting on the PTS and its apparent promotion to being called "high" despite the fact that it still retains all of the characteristics and low quality textures of the current "medium" setting.

3. Please indicate if a fix is being worked on/implemented, and if so, when we may roughly be able to expect it.

Muddy textures are not a game breaker. You can still, as I have, have an enormous amount of fun with this game. I think we jump the gun if we say that bioware is sweeping the problem under the carpet, without an explanation, we wont know for sure if that is the case until 1.1 goes live.

That being said, this is a Triple A title, from a Triple A studio, and a Triple A publisher. We are indeed paying customers who really want noting more than an explanation. I think we all generally understand that this isn't a "snap your fingers" fix, because if it was they would have no reason to hold it back. The frustration from most reasonable people in this thread is one of lack of explanation/communication.

We can split hairs about if the issue is lighting, or if its textures (though the visual proof shows textures And we can say "Why not just settle? Its a good game," But the core of this problem is a simple one - missing high res textures, and the apparent lack of information on a fix.

Say you buy a blender at Wal-Mart, you have really been wanting this blender. You have read previews about it online, you have been watching videos about it, and have been ooggling at pictures of it. One of its prime features, often advertized is the new "Mega Frappe" button. This button helps to differentiate this blender from its competition.

Alas! When you buy the blender and fervently remove it from the box, you find that the Mega Frappe button has been pried out, and the words "Mega Frappe" have been crossed out with a magic marker. Surely you would feel like you have been just been, for lack of a better word, screwed.

Now, replace the words Blender, with SWTOR and Mega Frappe with Hi-Res Textures and I think that you will find that the frustration is indeed well placed.

I have faith in Bioware to fix this issue, but we really do need to be told what is going on.

So, this is what the official known bugs forums says:

If you installed prior to 5:00AM CST on January 4th, 2012, your graphics will display as "Low" even if actual in-game settings are higher due to automatic preference detection.
Workaround: Your graphics setting will display properly once modified and saved.

Workaround: Individual preferences will display properly once modified and saved.

Also, it was stated on 1.0.2 patch that:

Upon a new installation and first launch of the game, settings files and in-game graphics preferences are now consistent with each other.

So, please Bioware, can we get a clarification on this? Does this mean that if we reinstall the game using the online installer, we will get high resolution textures everytime and not only during dialog cutscenes?

If not, any ETA on when the high resolution textures bug will be fixed?

Thanks in advance for answering this confusive situation.