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I recently startet to "raid" and i was told to get an accuraty rating of atleast 110 for eternity vault. Now first of all it was very expensive and hard to get the rating from AH.

Now after the raid i tjecked the gear from the merchants out, and to my astonishment force-master and force-mystic dont have that stat on em at all.

I felt forced to by stalker pants from the token that droped to get accuraty, now as a sith sorc. it felt odd.

Could someone please tell me how i should go about this. Should i as Sith Sorc. consentrate on acc. rating at all or not...?
Hi Sprasz,
I can't give you exact percentages on what your accuracy should be for raids. However, current belief is that raid bosses have an extra 10% of melee/spell avoidance, so you should aim to get your accuracy as high as possible. A missed spell or ability has such a negative effect on your overall dps that it should be a primary focus of your secondary stats (such as crit, alacrity, surge, etc). If you mouse over your accuracy stat on your character screen you'll be able to see how it is calculated. As a sorcerer you will not need to worry about your melee accuracy, only force accuracy.

It would also appear that having a surplus of accuracy isn't a waste as excess accuracy is turned into penetration which would bypass the resistance of the enemy, thereby giving you more damage.

Also, just to touch on a few points others have said. Healing has no benefit from acc, heals always hit. Accuracy DOES NOT effect avoidance for tanks, defense effects physical evasion (and I think magical damage dealt, but I'm not at my gaming PC and can't check that) and absorbtion effects shield block. Accuracy would only help in holding aggro because your attacks will hit more.

Hope this helps answer your question.