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I was thinking the same thing but I don't think it's that clear cut.

For instance, how fast you clear missions is very important -- it's how fast you gather the materials you need. For mako's slicing for instance, you would literally make more money from this than +2 crit.

Now that said, +5 crit is more than double +2 crit, as opposed to +15 vs +10 efficiency. So it's debatable. Maybe they'll buff efficiency to +25 in the future though, that would be cool.

As for crafting, you're probably right. Crit will be better than efficiency, especially if the only thing you are after is augmented gear. It's not like crafting faster is that big of a deal -- which is why I use the ship droid for reverse engineering a lot.

Except in the case of crafting item mods and consumables, which simply create extras. It's more efficient, but slower too, so it's debatable. My opinion here is that it's better to have crit for item mods, and better to have efficiency for biochem items since the former is expensive and made more sparingly, and the latter is cheap and made in bulk.

I'll include a list of all crafting skill crits here:

Artifice: None. (HK has +2 crit if he is ever added to the game)
Synthweaving: Jedi Knight (+5) Sith Warrior (+5)
Armstech: Smuggler (+5) Bounty Hunter (+1)
Armormech: Trooper (+5) Imperial Agent (+2)
Cybertech: None. (HK has +2 crit if he is ever added to the game)
Biochem: Jedi Knight (+5)

I may add this to the main post if people find this useful enough.
I somewhat hear what you're saying, but I'll always take crit over efficiency. Maybe it'll change at 10k affection, not sure.

After the slicing nerf, the normal missions give 100-200 credits wheras a crit to get a mission will net 5-10k.

Even for biochem, if you crit a purple stim/medpack then you save 10k+ in ingredients and sell it in the AH for 30k or give to a guildmate. That's way better than efficiency imo.

You already discussed crafting purely for augmented gear where crit is hands down better.

I'm almost never limited by time, I'm only limited by materials I have and trying to craft augmented gear or most efficiently creating purple stims/mods/etc.