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01.06.2012 , 01:56 PM | #1
I've done all the FPs on the Republic side up to and including Mandalorian Raiders.

But am finding the FPs incredibly *yawn* effect and am questioning if this is what it will be in the future FPs also. So far finding the FPs very subpar because

1. Not enough elites in regular mob packs. When I do an instance I expect zero regular or tough enemies. I expect difficulty in even the regular mob packs.
2. Boss encounters to simplistic
3. No challenge what-so-ever (I know and assume a challenge in hardmodes but regular modes need to have some challenge and not face rolls)
4. Too short (Hammer Station was retardedly short)

I like playing in grps and with difficulty but am just not seeing it yet.

Do FPs get better difficulty wise later on or is what I'm experiencing now what I can expect for all FPs?