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In my humble opinion, many people (me included), upon realising inequity of this "little" problem, will be "in thought", to say the least.
When we talking about some kind of PVP exploiting, or even little PVE exploiting (like recent /getdown bug), this is tolerable, because "main stream" of players is unaffected. But when we talking about MMORPG server's economy, this poses a very huge threat to all its inhabitants, because it is bread and butter of the game. Those who think otherwise may want to ignore this post and do something else instead.
So you're saying that the major part of gameplay, PvE and PvP are not the bread and butter of the game? I play the game to enjoy the story and combat not to play the AH. PvP and especially PvE are the bread and butter of the game, not the auction house. The auction house is just there to support the other aspects of gameplay. Therefor, I'd much rather see them fix the things that hurt the real gameplay rather than waste time worrying about an economy that is just getting started. A few players with a ridiculous amount of money in the hatchling stage of the game isn't going to kill the market. Not as long as Bioware fixes the problems to prevent future exploits, which they have. I hope they do something to penalize the players who took advantage, but I won't lose any sleep over it if they don't.