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01.06.2012 , 12:38 PM | #6
ive never gotten past the guns because im always in a group where there is at least one person that can't work the guns and we all die.
the guns are cumbersome, but manageable.
id say either:
1. give a small wave at first so people can get used to the mechanic before you just overwhelm the group. sending a mass at the start on a new mechanic is just really bad game design
2. reduce the health or number of the invaders a bit
3. draw the camera back automatically so you can see when someone else is getting overrun so you can assist
4. possible add a knockback/shield to temporarily help you if some enemies get through
5. change the interface for the guns entirely, possibly to a point/shoot system like space combat...something people SHOULD be familiar with by that point in the game

can't comment on the rest of the flashpoint yet. easily the worst flashpoint in the game right now that i've seen. the others have been a blast