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You are probably right on the turret part. That just seems too easy once you have figured out that strategy (I guarantee your group wipes unless they ALL understand how to user the turrets AND that strategy).

The second part is laughable when you know how it works. The patrol droid is a chump, all you have to do is have your group stand against one of the many blue walls around the place and DPS him down. Then you use pushbacks and knockouts on the droids sitting at the gate controls as they can just be pushed off the ledges for an easy kill. If your group is quick enough you should only have to face that Patrol droid 2 times. One time at the first part of the Maze and then a second time at the second part.

Its a Flashpoint though, its not meant to be overly difficult, just a challenge for a party that is about at level 38-41. Once, you learn the mechanics of Colicoid War Games it is the quickest run in the game at this point. I clocked a run at just about 30 minutes.