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I've recently ran this and found it the most fun I had in a flash point! But that's just me.
It's not just you. I really wanted to enjoy this flashpoint, and I love the concept of the mechanics here. But I was so annoyed with how overwhelming and much overkill the enemies have.

But this is definitely an interesting and exciting flashpoint.

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The turrets actually require you to have 4 evenly hard working party members to complete is as intended. And it's simple once you prioritize targets and get use to the handling of the turret which is you AIM it shoots automatically.
Priority should be Droids, fast/small, large/slow.
Everyone guard their 90% and you should be fine.
Again, I'm right with you. We were all over this--taking out the ranged droids as soon as they show up; using the AOE of the turret to knock out the little guys. But it was like we just couldn't kill fast enough. One slip-up caused a wipe. And then we started using backwards (literally) strategies and rolled through the turret sections.

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Although the Knock back on the maze can be frustrating, it's a fun way to test your positioning and adaptation to your surroundings.
And I know that they come back after a few minutes if you push the Droids off the ledge, I think you experienced that as a respawn. Might be wrong on this point.
They respawn no matter how you kill them, and we killed a bunch of them in many different ways--and they us.

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All in all, I like it because it makes you into a better player which everyone will benefit from in the later raids.
Agreed. This flashpoint is a great strategy check for higher level players. Can you see a challenge, adapt, and overcome? Can you learn? That's fantastic, but I felt like even after my group had learned, we were still being destroyed by dumb luck knockback placement.