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Will until Bioware actually makes crafting useful and not useless, it's a good guide but when you can PvP and use comm's to get better then what you crafted, crafting is useless.
That's not true. Only lvl 50 PVP equipment and then only high end stuff is better.
Don't forget you need to buy expensive bag and have a high valor to use them.
Also from valor 50 on progress is no longer linear. Reaching valor 60 cost almost as reaching valor 50.

Beside that below lvl50 crafts are better than pvp equipment anyway.
Already Prototype items (Artifact even more) comes ahead of PVP equipment with lower level requirements

(PVP Trooper) Republic Corporal's Precision Device (Warzone Commendation (100))
+23 Aim
+19 Endurance
+9 Power
Requires Level 20

[Prototype] Sensory Reflex D-Adaptor (200-700 Credits)
+18 Aim
+30 Endurance
+11 Power
Requires Level 19

All this can be verified by visiting the vendors and GTN or just Google for an item database.
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