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I think the Sith Emperor is probably more powerful in the force, if not in intellect or cunning. As for the above poster who mentions that Palpatine was the only Sith thhe conquer the galaxy, you may be wrong. We don't actually know yet. If you think back to Episode III, there are some lines that make me think otherwise. In the scene where Mace Windu attempts to arrest Palpatine, Windu says something along the lines of "the oppression of the Sith will never return!" Also, Palpatine says to the newly dubbed Darth Vader "ONCE AGAIN, the Sith will rule the galaxy." This obviously suggests that the Sith conquered the entire galaxy at some point previously to Episode III, and there isn't currently any established period in the lore where this has happened. Also, the culture, military and titles/ranks of Palpatine's empire is very similar to the Empire in the Old Republic, suggesting that Palpatine is modeling the Empire after the Empire in the Old Republic. Why would he do that unless he deeply admired it. All of this information combined seems to leave open the possibility, if not outright infers that the Empire will win the war in the Old Republic, and at least temporarily conquer the Republic outright. Truthfully though, it's impossible for anyone to know. We will have to see what happens in the story. Also, I don't recall Palpatine ever draining the life of over 100 Sith Lords simultaneously while completely stripping an entire planet of the force like the Sith Emperor (Vitiate) did on Nathema. Food for thought. The Sith emperor is no joke.