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01.06.2012 , 09:50 AM | #1
So, myself and my girlfriend encountered a light little concundrum when I was explaining the SWTOR races to her quite a while ago. This query, as you may guess from the title, concerns the Miraluka and their lack of eyes.

What I am asking is, just what do the Miraluka 'vestigal eyesockets' look like? Are they literally holes in the head? Do they have a 'film' of skin over them? Are they just simple little concave depressions in an otherwise normal face? The only real source I have seen concerning this is an image of Visas Marr at the moment her sight is damaged. Given the events that occur, I am skeptical of what we see is what a Miraluka actually looks like. So...what are peoples' thoughts on this? Is there any other evidence that I may have missed?