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err... you're kidding, right?
I'm also interested...

So, it's more important than people win his/her money legally... like with the sliding ability, isn't it?
I don't care about economic exploits. So what? Thousands of players have billions of credits, and?
I'm more concern about the overpowered jedi and sith on PvP. Has any cry exploit baby played on PvP matches? There's eight of every ten players with Force powers. And if you're not one of them... you can't do anything on the match. The team with more Force users win everytime. Thats a BIG problem. And the system that matchs 12 level players with 50 level players... oh yes, your stats are up but... the 50 level has ALL his/her attacks and if you're alone you haven't any posibility. So, that's a problem that unbalance the game.

So, what, people has a lot of money, and? What can they buy? Ships? Updates? Gear?
The PvP gear can only be bought with points obtained in matches.
The game doesn't work economically since the beginning, and not because of the exploits. It's because in six years they haven't thought about it. How can be posible that you compare jedi and bountyhunter rewards? Jedi don't need money, BH make theirs live with it. But the two wins the same amount of credits, that's not realistic.
And, no, i've never used any exploit on my life and don't plan on use them in the near future.

There's a lot of problems more important in the game.

And nobody has ever demostrated why the slice ability was bad for the economy or why the exploits in THIS game are affecting the economy so bad. More examples and less cries please.