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This quest is strange, on one character I can do it at level 6 on another even at 8 it is impossible. the issue is the boss -elite- seems the damage is spiky and needs to be toned down.
Hmm may be its the charater classes. Not knowing what class you chose for each charater but if one was a DPS and the other a Tank then that may be your real issue. As mentioned already get help, level that charater a level or two and then come back to that quest or you may just roll a whole new charater that can breeze through it.

But then when you do your next quest the charater thats having a hard time now may breeze through it while the other charater will have a hard time.

There is not going to be a perfect class to do every quest in game. But every class will have an easier time in some quests and not as easy in others. Thats just life.