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01.06.2012 , 05:46 AM | #1
Dear community, I urge you all to contribute your thoughts to this topic as frequently as possible.

As many of you know by now, SWTOR's recent patch removed some serious financial exploit which have caused economies on all of the game's servers to be badly damaged. Players was able to, naturally, generate infinite amounts of credtis to meet all their possible and impossible needs.
More info can be found here:

In my humble opinion, many people (me included), upon realising inequity of this "little" problem, will be "in thought", to say the least.
When we talking about some kind of PVP exploiting, or even little PVE exploiting (like recent /getdown bug), this is tolerable, because "main stream" of players is unaffected. But when we talking about MMORPG server's economy, this poses a very huge threat to all its inhabitants, because it is bread and butter of the game. Those who think otherwise may want to ignore this post and do something else instead.

So, it rises 2 critical questions to Bioware:

1. Firstly, what measures will be taken against exploiters?

2. Secondly, but more importantly, how do you intend to combat those tricky types who used evasive maneuvres of washing off those illegal credits ( using throwaway accounts, GTN transactions, in-game mail etc)?

Let us not allow this dire situation to be resolved by temporary suspension, which really not help much.

What I personally like to see:
1. Temporary/Permabans to exploiters (really people, you should've known what you're doing in advance), theirs throwaway and main accounts.
2. Withdrawal of all illegal creds from circulation.