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How I saw the whole thing on Alderaan as a JK:

Noble: Hey, we really, really need some help out here. These guys suck at fighting, and our house deserves to rule the planet.
JK: *sigh* Fine, I'll help.

*Fight half the damn war for them*

Noble: Hey, thanks for your help and all, but can you kill the leader of these guys over here? They're total jerks, and it'll totally get us into power.
JK: UGH. Fine.

*Take down an entire house, defeat leader*

Noble: Oh hey man, sorry we couldn't help you out. We were busy having tea with the other royal house members. But now, we can finally sit in the big chair! Well, at some point anyway. We've still got to have long and pointless talks about it, and our people will probably still fight the other houses. Which reminds me, would you mind helping us out with it?

Call me ignorant, or that I don't understand the story or whatever, but I seriously wanted punch some of these guys in the jaw.