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01.06.2012 , 12:39 AM | #24
the story writers at bioware have never given me a reason to doubt them...revan is by far one of the most beloved characters in SW history...i cant imagine them spending so much time investing in revan who is by far the greatest hero of the old republic era ...and come up with a plot to let him survive 300 years and make it to the game and one of the most pivotal moments in SW history..only to snuff him out in some hidden fortress basement in a fight with a ragtag group of would be sloppy if harry potter killed Voldemort and then died a week later after choking on a piece of candy....that said we gotta think MMO...that means long term..they dont wanna waste their most valuable character in the first month of the game...revan will rise again from the shadows...and when he does go will be in a blaze of glory..because WE THE FANS will accept nothing less...bioware knows that..and if they have shown us anything its that they genuinely care about the fans..thats why they did so much changing and improving during beta and even now they work hard to please us...keep your eyes peeled..revan lives!!!!!!

P.S. lets not forget that this is ultimately revans story...the emperor, the republic, sith, it has all revolved around revan from the beginning...and you can be dang sure he will see it through to the very end...