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01.05.2012 , 11:19 PM | #27
For a Trooper I have to say that Act 1 was great. Chasing down the anti-Havoc squad was awesome. Act 2 also had great moments with lots of action and it felt like I was building up to the epic ME2 style suicide mission at the end.

Act 3 however was the biggest let down. The main villain we have to go after is barely introduced at the end of act 2 and we never get to really meet him or see what he's done. Then we go off to Belsavis to rescue some pilots who never show up again and then off to Voss to convince someone to give some troops up. The bomb we spend all of act 1 worrying about turns up again for a split second and is barely given a second thought. Finally Corellia has just a big run around do nothing fest before we finally meeting this big bad guy who barely had an impact in the trooper story line at all. Kilran from the flashpoints seemed like a better enemy than Rakton.

Over all the trooper story had it all going for it before crashing and burning at the last minute. Act 3 just felt like didn't finish or didn't belong with the other 2 acts. While the feeling of being trooper is right there the whole time the ending is so underwhelming.

On a side note Bioware y u do that to Jaxo