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I don't see a problem with this mechanic because it allows your tank to establish aggro without you pulling from your huge burst damage. With my current gear I'm opening with like 5-6K crits on all boss mobs in EV atm. There have been moments where I've been able to get close enough to do my stealth opening as the tank pulls and I almost always pull aggro off the tank from the huge burst.
Because if the tank is competent, and I properly balance my cooldowns (for example, countermeasures?), that isn't a problem. And what about Assassins? It's my experience that they have less burst than Operatives do - what's your reasoning there?

Even if you were right, it would still be sloppy design by Bioware. Instead of artificially punishing all stealth classes, maybe they should consider fixing the burst threat problem?

So even though I take much longer to get in combat I don't really lose any dps from the huge burst capability my class has. We also have talents which greatly increase our speed while stealthed which really helps getting into combat faster from running up from the back of the room.

Yes, you do lose DPS. Every second you're not attacking is lost DPS. Even with the speed increase talents, Operatives are still the slowest class to get into melee already. Every other melee class has an effective gap closer - whether it be a charge, or a sprint. Stealth is supposed to be our's. Instead, we have to blow two points in a t5 talent, and blow our vanish in order to get a boost that is still slower than every other class and, because of the way stealth detection is currently set up, we have to start from further back than any other class? That's poor design, and it needs to be changed.