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Quote: Originally Posted by Smugglinrum View Post
They have nightmare and hard modes for hardcore...

But after that you just kinda sit around doing... not much but hammering your face into battlemaster, especially with how bugged the loot system is at the moment.

You barely get loot for 16 man too which is just.... urg.
Yea..and have you done any hard modes in 8man? It's a freakin' joke.

Thus..making my point still relevant.

Like..we cleared 4/5 Hard Modes on 8man with 4 pugs 2 or 3 weeks's like doing an HM FP..

I see 8man Nightmare being the same as 16man Hard Mode. Again..8mans are a joke. On pretty much any setting, compared to 16mans. THUS MAKING 16MANS MORE "HARD CORE"

Caps lock OMGAH

And's prolly just a bug..or huge mistake

I get the feeling that nobody in the long *** beta(not the weekend beta) tested PVE content..It sure doesn't feel that way.