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some information to the Gage-class Transport entry it is granted from a console like the one for the tantra class. but this console is on the imperial ship on the way to the first boss. Im not sure which on of the first bosses (the droid or the jedi boarding party) but i guess its on the way to the droid. I found it in Hard mode but i guess it is also there on normal.
Confirmed, it is on the way to the droid boss (-210, -160) so you *must* pick the Dark Side option in order to find this codex entry. Thanks. That still leaves Combat Ratings and Lieutenant Admiral Pirrel (Bounty Hunter) missing in addition to what is on the first page.

I also submitted a ticket directing them to this thread but in particular pointing out the missing Conqueror of Balmorra title. 2500 character limit sort of stops me from including an exhaustive list of all missing entries.
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