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They don't really NEED a LFD. What the OP said is what they need: level/global chat. The issue is that only searching for groups on the Fleet will net you a select few people; the rest are out questing...and you can't reach them unless you go to wherever they are and advertise there.

It's not as bad on Empire...but Republic, yea lol good luck finding anything past Esseles. I've seen the same couple people advertising for Hammer/Athiss/Mando/Cad for about a week now. I messaged them the other day and they all said they had either done the respective FP once, or not at all. Seriously,
This is what I want. I wouldn't think it would take much coding to add a global LFG channel for respective level blocks.

A WoW type LFD tool would be fine by me too but I would imagine that would take much longer to code.