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The problem for me isn't so much that bosses can put knock you out of stealth and put you in combat. That mechanic is fine as far as I'm concerned.

The problem is the exceedingly large range the mechanic has. I was running heroic battle for Ilum today, and the boss was detecting me in stealth before it was detecting my party members, who were standing literally right next to me. That's a serious problem, especially if, as has been pointed out, your class relies on a stealth opener.

This mechanic essentially forces you to delay your damage in the hopes of being able to run up from a far distance while slowed by stealth, just to get your opener. You just have to pray the boss doesn't have any aoe or target abilities, since I found out the hard way that most bosses can target you, even if you're in stealth, when the encounter begins. I think the mechanic should detect people, and should knock them out of stealth. However, I think the range should be toned down significantly. Maybe a compromise can be that the range is reduced, by the ability knocks you out of stealth faster than it does now (atm, it seems to take 8+ seconds to actually remove you from stealth).
I don't see a problem with this mechanic because it allows your tank to establish aggro without you pulling from your huge burst damage. With my current gear I'm opening with like 5-6K crits on all boss mobs in EV atm. There have been moments where I've been able to get close enough to do my stealth opening as the tank pulls and I almost always pull aggro off the tank from the huge burst.

So even though I take much longer to get in combat I don't really lose any dps from the huge burst capability my class has. We also have talents which greatly increase our speed while stealthed which really helps getting into combat faster from running up from the back of the room.