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Question about the Madness PVE build and priority. I'm not yet 50 so I have not had the chance to experiment with everything but I'm wondering if 8/2/31 will be the better build for PVE madness.

My suspicion is that the buffs to thrash and the relatively low force regen makes trying to use Maul in our rotation not worth it. I suspect that we won't have the extra force and time to work in Maul effectively making those three points very low yield to benefit ratio.

What I propose is that the extra 3% damage from electric execution in darkness tree and having a burst CD from the two points in dark embrace (force cloak then spam assassinate/thrash/shock with increased force regen) and dropping Maul from the priority list. We would then use Thrash/lacerate/assassinate when no dots need refreshing and you don't need force. I'm also under the impression that each attack from thrash can individually proc your Raze ability which is our biggest DPS boost of all (especially on fights with more than one target).

Once I have more information about the damage that our lightsaber charges do at level 50 and what the relative damage of Thrash and buffed maul will be, then I can run some math to back this idea up.
I'm thinking the same as you. Even at 50% force cost, Maul is quite expensive and it doesn't seem worth it to move behind an enemy for procs, especially when sharing aggro with a companion. Anyone have good results with this?

Edited to add another question:
The Madness rotation lists Force Lighting. I mostly solo and I haven't been using it since at least one mob is usually attacking me and I assume it'll get knocked back too much to be very useful. Does the madness rotation shown in the guide assume a tank will have aggro? Is it just so good that even with knockback it's worth using when soloing?